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We encourage grooming habits that will present a modest, wholesome, and healthy Christian appearance.   The idea behind Riverview Academy’s dress code is to create a climate of caring and learning through interactive classroom instruction.  We believe the way a student presents himself/herself in cleanliness and outer attire has an influence on their scholastic achievement, their self-esteem, and acceptance by their peers.  




  • Any color Polo-style shirt is acceptable, long or short-sleeved. 

  • Solid color turtlenecks or long-sleeved, solid colored t-shirts may be worn underneath of a Polo shirt.

Pants/ bottoms:

  • Uniform style that are navy blue or khaki in color.

  • Capri-style pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, and jumpers must be knee length or longer.  

  • Ladies may wear PLAIN, ANKLE-length leggings under their skirts or dresses. 

Sweaters, Vests, Cardigans, and School Sweatshirts:

  • Any solid color and hip length.

  • Must be worn over an approved shirt.

  • Sweaters, vests, and cardigans must be of a reasonable fit.


Shoes must have closed toes and heels acceptable for physical education.


Hair should be well groomed (cut/styled to maintain clear line of sight).  Boys’ hair length is to be kept above shirt collar. Unnatural appearing patterns, colors/bleaching, designs and hairstyles are unacceptable (1 Peter 3:3-4).


Nonfunctional jewelry, such as earrings, rings, neck chains, identification bracelets, leather bands, crosses, and other conspicuous ornaments are not to be worn.  The use of cosmetics in a manner that detracts from a natural appearance is prohibited.

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